How to reach Darjeeling, the dream kingdom

 How to reach Darjeeling, the dream kingdom
How to reach Darjeeling, the dream kingdom
How to reach Darjeeling, the dream kingdom

Neighboring countries in India need to visit many places. You have a cool option to go by car, you can visit Darjeeling, the land of dreams. A Marvel tourist spot in Darjeeling, West Bengal. Those who love the mountains and enjoy seeing the clouds of different colors can visit Darjeeling.

Let us know how to reach Darjeeling.

how to achieve Darjeeling

If you want to take the bus

There are two easy routes, one across Benopal Jessore and the other across the Banglaband border in Panchgarh. If you go to Benopal you have to go to Siliguri another 558 km from Kolkata and if you pass through the Bangladesh border you will enter India and reach Siliguri

Shyamoli Paribahan provides direct service to Siliguri The fare from Dhaka to Siliguri will be Rs 1800. An additional Rs 500-600 will be charged according to the passenger when crossing the border.

If you want to go by train

If you want to get on the train then you have to buy a ticket from Dhaka. Now, of course, you can get a Maitree train ticket from Chittagong, but you have to walk through Dhaka. For those who want to go to Darjeeling, the Banglabandh border is the best and for those who want to go to Kolkata with Darjeeling, it would be better to go to Benopal by Jessore border.

The winding road through the tea plant in Darjeeling will only fascinate you, do not forget to park your car and take pictures

In Darjeeling, 65 km from Siliguri city, you can get a reserved car for Rs 1,500 or you can split for Rs 150 and go around.

Enjoy all the beautiful views of the mountain, you will never know when you will reach the city of Darjeeling.

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