10 fastest trains in the world to fly

Top 10 fastest trains in the world 
10 fastest trains in the world to fly
 10 fastest trains in the world to fly

The train a popular means of transportation. The best way to get safe, comfortable and enjoy the scenery is by train. To understand the popularity of trains in our country, one only has to look at the ticket lines on the platforms during festivals. However, there is no end to the suffering and complaints about this popular transport.

 The strongest allegation is that it is time-consuming. You might be frustrated with this postponement.  Because the world no longer travels on that mattress laskari rice-powered train. Now all the trains have been introduced, which run at the speed of an airplane, vanishing in an issue of moments.  

There is no doubt of tarrying.  France, Germany, the United States, Spain, China, Japan, Russia all seem to be speeding up their trains. And that is why the concept of 'high-speed railway' has been created in the modern world. Let's take a look at the ten fastest trains in the world, which would not be wrong to call the surface plane!

1. Shanghai Maglev, China

The world's fastest train is the Shanghai Maglev in China. It can easily run at a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour! Shanghai Maglev is the only train in the world whose operational speed exceeds four hundred kilometers per hour. The Shanghai Maglev Railway Company operates these trains. This train has a qualitative difference from other high-speed railways in the world. It runs on a special type of ‘magnetic levitation railway. It is an abbreviation of the name of the railway. Mag-lev or attractive levitation. This means that an object is floated by a magnetic field. I was surprised to hear that this train has no wheels! Even this train doesn't actually move, fly! Yes, it has no connection with the railroad during the maglev train. Its innumerable powerful magnets create a very strong kind of electromagnetic field between the railway and the train, which keeps the train afloat from the line and the train floats over the line at bullet speed! However, this train, which started in 2004, has been running on a short-range. The Maglev run is just 30 kilometers from Shanghai's Central Pudong to Pudong Airport. With 584 passengers, the 30-mile [30 km] maglev took just six minutes. Although the maglev reaches its maximum speed within 4 minutes of starting the journey, there is no need to run at maximum speed. However, for this 6-minute trip, you have to pay 60 rupees in Bangladeshi rupees. And if you want to go to VIP, then double, 1320 rupees!

2. Harmony CRH360A, China

The ten fastest trains in the world will be discussed, but there will be no train name in China, how come? Harmony CRH370, the world's second-quickest train,  operates on the Shanghai-Nanjing route in China. This train can travel at a maximum speed of 360 kilometers per hour. The high-speed train has been operating under the supervision of China Railway, a Chinese state-possessed rail line organization, since October 2010. This engine with a fish-shaped engine is made from a very thin aluminum alloy hybrid. The fish-like shape protects this train from aerodynamic stress while traveling at high speeds. On the other hand, this train is completely shaking free. If you put a sleeping person to Harmony 360, he will not realize that he is running at a speed of three hundred and fifty kilometers per hour until he wakes up and looks out the window!

3. AGV Italo, Italy

Italy's second high-speed train has already been introduced. Let's get acquainted with AGV Italo, the quickest train in Italy. Its maximum operational speed is 360 km / h. However, during the initial test, the train set a record for the highest speed at the time. In a special test trial in 2006, the AGV Italiano ran at a speed of 572 kilometers per hour! Italo officially started traveling from the same year. The Italian company NTV (Novo Transporto Viziatori) is operating this train. They built 25 AGV trains by the Elston Company for 650 million euros. The train, which runs between Rome and Naples, Italy, is very eco-friendly. About 98 percent of it is reusable. The train runs with a total of 11 bogies including four clubs, four prima, and three smart bogies.

4. Siemens Velaro AVS-103, Spain

Spain's fastest train, the Velaro-103, was able to run at a maximum speed of 402 km / h during the test run! However, after the inauguration, its average maximum speed is 354 kilometers per hour. This high-speed train service has been operating under the supervision of the Spanish National Railway since 2006. These 6-car trains have a capacity of 400 passengers.

5. Talgo 350, Spain

Let's go back to Europe again. This time the objective is Spain.  And this time the train Talgo 350, travels on the most hostile route in the world! Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known as hostile football, not for bad weather or fragile roads. The Talgo 350 operates in the two ever-rival football cities of Madrid and Barcelona. These trains with 12 bogies run at a maximum speed of 350 km! First, Bristow, Club, and Coach - divided into these four categories, each compartment of the Talgo 350 train have video, sound, and web facilities.  The local name of this train in Spain is 'Pato'.

6. E-5 Shinkanshen Hayabusa, Japan

In 2011, the year the two high-speed duplex trains were launched in France, their fastest train E-5 Shinkansen Hayabusa was launched in Japan. Hayabusa is the fastest train in the E-5 series and has a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour. At the front head of the engine carriage, there is a 15-meter-long nose-like structure. Yet, this isn't only a plan.  Because of its size, the noise is greatly reduced during the train through a tunnel! The 630-passenger train connects the city of Aomori with the city of Tokyo. Each E-5 series train has three categories of compartments - Standard, Green, and Gran (Business Class). There is also a soundproof system throughout the train.

7. Elstom Euroduplex, France

Euroduplex is a version of TGV Duplex, which is made by Alstom company. Its speed is also equal to the TGV duplex. The specialty, however, is that it operates on inter-European routes. The train service, which connects France, Switzerland, Germany, and Luxembourg, began in late 2011. Another matter of this train, which can carry 1,020 passengers, is that the train can run at higher speeds with much less power consumption.

8. TGV Duplex, France

France's fastest train, the TGV Duplex, can touch the highest speed of 319 kmph. These double-deck high-speed trains connect all major cities in France. The local company Alstom has used high quality aluminum to make this train, which reduces the weight of this train. On the other hand, each bogie is so rigid that even if a TGV train crashes at the highest speed, its bogies will not twist at all. The train has been operating on various routes since 2011 under the supervision of the French company SNCF. Standard and TGV Pro, TGV Duplex with 8 and 4 bogies of these two categories respectively.

9. ETR-500 Frachiarosa, Italy

Let's go to Italy from Taiwan. The second-fastest train in Italy is the ETR-500 Frachiarosa. These ETR-500 trains have been running in Italy for a long time. However, Frachiarosa is a modern version of the ETR-500. Made under the supervision of the French companies Alstom and Bombardium, the maximum speed of these trains is 300 kilometers per hour. These trains, operated by the Italian company Trenitalia, run on the Milan-Rome-Naples route. A total of 26 Frachiarosa trains currently run on this route. It takes Frechiarosa only two and a half hours to reach Rome from Milan, which is only 40 minutes longer than a flight. There are four categories of bogies in Frechiarosa. Standard, Premium, Business, and Executive. However, despite the grouping, there is free Wi-Fi .

10. THSR 600-T, Taiwan

Launched in January 2006, the THSR 600 is one of the fastest trains in the world. Initially, the train operated on the Kaohsiung route from Taipei. The train travels four and a half hours between the two cities in just 90 minutes! This multi-engine train runs with a total of 12 bogies at a maximum speed of 300 km / h. And its powerful engines take only 15 minutes to reach the maximum speed. This train has safety facilities with speed. The train has all the modern safety features like bi-directional operation, fire and smoke detector, instability detector, and station stop control. These THSR 600 trains are made by three big Japanese companies Kawazaki, Nippon, and Hitachi. At present, a total of 30 T-800 trains run on Taiwan's high-speed railway

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