In the event that you need a break from the hurrying around of the city,, then visit these places of Himachal

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh as well as the most popular hill station of Himachal. Arranged at a height of 2200 meters, it is perhaps the most delightful spot in the country. Shimla's Mall Road, Ridge, Toy Train is famous among sightseers visiting here. 

Himachal Pradesh is quite possibly the most delightful spot in the country. This state is known for its regular magnificence, unadulterated and quiet climate, and renowned traveler places. There are many slope stations in Himachal Pradesh where individuals from everywhere the country and abroad drop by. 


Its high mountains, open green fields, old sanctuary religious communities, and blue water lake waterways draw in travelers. Away from the hustling around of the city life, the tranquil climate here gives harmony to the vacationers. In the present article, we will give you data about the well-known slope stations of Himachal Pradesh.

Assuming you are likewise wanting to visit, certainly remember these spots for your rundown


Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh as well as the most popular hill station of Himachal. Arranged at an elevation of 2200 meters, it is quite possibly the most lovely place in the country. Shimla's Mall Road, Ridge, Toy Train is extremely mainstream among vacationers visiting here. There are additionally numerous recorded sanctuaries and structures in Shimla, which individuals originate from all over to see. The excellence and unadulterated climate of this city draws in sightseers visiting here


Manali is one of the most famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a piece of the Kullu area of Himachal and is arranged between the snow-covered inclines of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges. Situated at an elevation of 1950 meters above ocean level, this slope station is well known for its regular beauty. The rich green forests,flower-decorated grounds, and new water streaming in the waterway make sightseers begin to look all starry-eyed at this place. Tourists get help by coming here. There are numerous museums and renowned towns in this slope station. Tourists go here traveling on the high mountains and appreciate the magnificence of this spot

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Dharamshala Himachal is one of the most popular hill stations in the state, located 17 km from the Kangra Valley. The snow-covered Dhauladhar mountain range is the forte of this spot and makes it perhaps the most delightful vacationer place in the country. Dharamsala is otherwise called the heavenly homestead of the Dalai Lama. This city is isolated into two sections with various statures.  Tibetan culture is seen in Dharamsala and there are numerous hallowed locales of Buddhism.

Spiti Valley 

Situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level, Spiti Valley is one of the most famous places in Himachal Pradesh. This valley is encircled by the Himalayas from all sides which makes this spot very special. Spiti Valley has snow-covered mountains, winding streets, and beautiful valleys that draw in tourists. This place fills the vacationers visiting here with energy and adventure. Spiti Valley is perhaps the coldest spot in the country and this spot is covered with thick snow for around a half year of the year


Kasauli is one of the most famous hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. It's anything but a little slope town arranged in transit from Chandigarh to Shimla which is arranged on the lower sides of the Himalaya Mountains. Situated in the southwest piece of Himachal, Kasauli is a peaceful town away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The city of Kasauli, settled in the midst of lovely deodar forests, is popular for the excellent Victorian structures worked by the British. The natural beauty and serene environment of Kasauli make it one of the most special tourist places in Himachal.



Kinnaur is one of the most popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh located at a distance of about 235 km from Shimla. This spot is renowned as the Land of God. Kinnaur is situated between Sutlej, BSP, and Spiti river and this place are famous for the beauty of its lush green plains and rocky mountains. Kinnaur's Kinnar Kailash is exceptionally mainstream among travelers and sightseers who come here certainly go to see Kinnar Kailash It is believed that Kinnar Kailash belongs to Lord Shiva and Shivling and along with this, this mountain is related to the stories of Pandavas. There are likewise numerous old Buddhist cloisters and sanctuaries in Kinnaur which are considered exceptionally consecrated and vacationers come here from all over to see them.


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