Foreigners will have to take permission to visit Meghalaya

If you want to visit Meghalaya, India, famous for its natural beauty, then foreigners will have to take permission from the state government through registration from now on. The Rajya Sabha approved the amendment to the law on Friday (November 1).

According to Chief Minister Preston Tynsong, the Rajya Sabha has approved amendments to the Meghalaya Residents, Safety and Protection Act 2018, Indian media reported on Saturday, November 2nd.

He said the amendment has been approved and will come into force with immediate effect. The decision was taken after discussions with various political parties and NGOs.

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From now on those who are not residents of Meghalaya will have to provide necessary information to the government to stay in the state for more than 24 hours.

However, officers and employees of the central government, state, and district councils will be exempted from this rule.

All homeowners in the state are strictly instructed to keep the necessary paperwork in order and report the matter to the head of the community.

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The Chief Minister of Meghalaya said that this decision has been taken for the safety of the people.

Whoever fails to provide the required information or provides false information shall be punished under the appropriate section of the Indian Penal Code.

After the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, there was a demand to find illegal immigrants in Meghalaya as well. In view of this, the government announced an amendment to the law.

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