New Vaccination Certificate Will Be Issued For Foreign Travel, Know More

Due to the slowing down of Covid, the speed of the people traveling has increased. Know about foreign
New Vaccination Certificate Will Be Issued For Foreign Travel, Know More
New Vaccination Certificate Will Be Issued For Foreign Travel, Know More

So there is very important news for the people who are preparing to go on a trip for any purpose like family, business, fun. Under the new framework, you will currently need to download a different inoculation endorsement for worldwide travel.

Now a separate certificate will be available for this on the Covin portal. According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the government has started the system of new certificates. It also explains the process to download the certificate. 


So how, from where this complete information will be available, know here in detail.

1. Update passport number

A new feature has been updated in the Covin portal for foreign travel. In this, fully vaccinated people can update their photo ID with passport number and date of birth. After doing this, the certificate for international travel can be downloaded.

The date of birth i.e. date of birth (year-month-day) will be written in the certificate in the format. The special thing is that the unique ID number will be recorded in the certificate issued for travel. 

Apart from this, the type of vaccine will also be written on the certificate along with the name of the vaccine. Covaccine-inactivated virus vaccine, CovShield-recombinant adenovirus vectors vaccine.

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2. Download a certificate like this

The process to download this certificate issued for international travel is also simple. For this follow these steps. First of all, you have to go to the website.

- You need to sign in with your enlisted portable number. 

Enter the passport number and date of birth written in the passport in yy/mm/dd format. After filling up all the entries, click on the submit key button.

- As soon as the page is invigorated, the inoculation endorsement gave for worldwide travel will be downloaded. So this is an important piece of information. Which is important to know and tell other people about it too.

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