Useful Tips For Traveling With Psoriasis

Suffering from Psoriasis! Keep these things in mind while traveling
Useful Tips For Traveling With Psoriasis
Useful Tips For Traveling With Psoriasis


There is nothing more fun than visiting the lush green landscape, the snow-capped mountains, and the sun-filled, golden beaches, but what if you have psoriasis? Such people may feel uncomfortable while traveling. 

If they are suffering from mild to severe types of psoriasis. Especially on long journeys. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease in which new skin cells grow more rapidly than normal.


Normally our body makes new skin cells every 10 to 30 days to fill the place of old cells. In psoriasis, new skin cells are formed within 3 to 4 days and the body does not get time to remove the old cells. 

Due to this, a layer comes on the surface of the skin and the skin starts to appear dry, itchy, scaly and a red rash or shiny coating comes on it.

People suffering from psoriasis just need to plan in advance if they want to enjoy a comfortable journey without any hassle. Medical experts have indicated that there are no specific travel restrictions for people suffering from psoriasis, with mild sunny weather being better than cold and dry weather.  

Dr. gives some useful travel tips for people suffering from psoriasis that you should know about.

Plan First: Whether you are going on a short trip or a long one, you should start preparing two weeks in advance. It is good to fix the activities during the stay and keep the essential things for the trip. These items also include your medicines and they should be easily included in your luggage. Take regular care of your food habits during travel and avoid alcohol.

Your dermatologist can give better advice in this regard. Stress aggravates psoriasis, so planning your itinerary in advance can help you avoid last-minute hassles. Psoriasis patients are also advised to take plenty of rest and keep their skin as moist as possible before going on a journey.


Must-Visit Your Dermatologist: Before going on vacation it is good to make sure that your skin condition is good, so it is important to visit your dermatologist before planning a trip. Make sure that all of your prescriptions are organized and ask for a copy of the written prescription so that they can be handy when needed while traveling. 

If you are getting injections of biologics, get complete information about it from your dermatologist. This information should also contain that important description, which can be useful in getting help from the dermatologist there at the place of your visit.

Do the packing carefully and keep the essential items organized: Keep clothes, shoes, and other things suitable for your destination. For example, if you are going to a hot, humid area, wear light, loose, sweat-wicking clothing.

If you are going to be in a cold place, put on a hat, gloves, and scarf to protect your skin. Keep a medicated shampoo, moisturizer, and soap or cleanser prescribed by the dermatologist, and do not forget to carry the sunscreen prescribed by him. Do not forget to take medicines while traveling. Take good sleep to avoid any kind of pain.

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 Avoid the risk of infection: Some types of infections can increase the pain of psoriasis. Get the necessary blood tests done in the course of treatment as per the instructions of your dermatologist. This will ensure that you are not at risk of infection.

Ensure a clean environment during travel and keep a distance from the person with a viral infection. To stay clean, wash your hands and use a sanitizer prescribed by a dermatologist. It is also very important to have a sufficient amount of water in the body.

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