How To Travel Abroad On A Budget?

Who does not like to travel abroad? But most of us kill our mind thinking about the expenses of lakhs and the hassle of visa etc.
How To Travel Abroad On A Budget?
How To Travel Abroad On A Budget?

Whereas the reality is that there are many countries where you can travel on an Indian passport and that too cheaply. You just have to show some smartness. 

We are telling you about five such countries, where you can travel at a low cost.

1. Nepal

Nepal, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, is the perfect destination for budget travelers. If you fix the date three-four months in advance, then flight tickets from Mumbai to Nepal or Delhi to Nepal can be found for Rs.15,000-17,000. 

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Hotels in Nepal's capital Kathmandu are not very expensive. Their budget rooms are available within Rs.1,000. That is, you can settle a trip of five days within Rs.45,000. The biggest thing is that a visa is not required to go to Nepal.

2. Bhutan

Such a beautiful country situated in the neighborhood of India, about which people do not know much. A visit to this country blessed with enchanting natural hues, monasteries, Himalayas and rich culture will be an experience never to be forgotten. 

You will be surprised to know that there is no need to take a flight to Bhutan. If you want, you can also reach Bhutan by bus or share a taxi from a place called Bagdogra located in the Darjeeling district. Their budget rooms are available for Rs.2,500.

3. Thailand

Thailand is extremely popular among Indian travelers. Natural beauty, nightlife, adventure activities, wildlife….The country has everything to do with entertainment and entertainment for everyone. Thailand provides the facility of Visa on Arrival to Indian citizens, that is, upon reaching there, the visa is stamped at the airport. 

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If you plan a trip in the off-season, then return air tickets from Mumbai to Thailand can be up to Rs.15,000. A decent hotel room is available for Rs.1,000 per night. Food and drink there is also not very expensive. You can also enjoy street foods in Thailand.

4. Singapore

A favorite country of Indian tourists. You will have a lot of pleasure in visiting this country rich in food, grand cultural heritage, and supernatural architecture. In fact, you can visit the whole of Singapore in just 2-3 days. 

If planning is done in advance, then air tickets are also available at a reasonable rate. For Tourist Visa you have to pay Rs.2,200. There you can find normal hotel rooms for Rs.2,500 per night. Apart from this, the facility of hostels is also available there. That is, you can visit Singapore for Rs.50,000.

5. Vietnam

Due to its beauty and cheap rates, Vietnam is rapidly becoming popular among travelers from all over the world. Visit the local market there or take a cruise tour. Wildlife, Beaches, Pubs….You will remember the trip to Vietnam for the rest of your life. 

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Yes, flight tickets there are a bit expensive, but staying and traveling there is quite cheap. Decent rooms in Vietnam are available for Rs.12,00. Eating and drinking and traveling there is also very cheap. You can wrap up your Vietnam trip for Rs.50,000.

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