These 3 Places Are The Best To Visit In The New Year, Know The Specialty

With the onset of the winter holidays this month, December brings with it a lot of happiness.
These 3 Places  Are The Best To Visit In The New Year, Know The Specialty
These 3 Places  Are The Best To Visit In The New Year, Know The Specialty

This month is the month of Christmas i.e. from 25 December to the new year i.e. 1 January. At this time there is a festive atmosphere in the country and the world, it is different fun to roam in such an environment. 

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In most parts of the country, this month is winter or pink in color. Winter is the best time to travel. If you want to celebrate New Year as well as Christmas, there are many great places to visit in North India that you can add to your search list. 

Let us know which places in North India you can visit in two to three days.

1. Best to visit Jaipur:

Jaipur is one of the best places to visit in winter where you can spend your holidays with great joy and happiness. Here you can see City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Yantar Mantar, Lake Palace, and Mango Fort. 

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In the event that we talk about the temperature here, then, at that point, the temperature in Jaipur stays between 7 degrees to 25 degrees. You can also hang out with family at this budget-friendly place.

2. Dalhousie is a beautiful place:

If you love scenic views, then Dalhousie is a perfect place to visit. It snows in Dalhousie in winter, which makes your mind happy. The natural beauty here will make your trip worthwhile. Considering the temperature here in winter, the temperature here remains between 1 to 10 degrees.

3. A Great Location in Kausani Hills:

Kausani is a wonderful place in Growl Hills, which is a great place to visit in winter. Its specialty is that the view of the Himalayan peaks can be clearly seen from here. You will spend two-three days in this beautiful place. If you also enjoy hiking, then this place is for you.

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