5 Most Expensive Train Rides In The World

Only an aspiring traveler can understand the beauty and romance of train travel. 

There is no other way to have such a romantic journey without a train. And at the same time, imagine luxury and a timely return trip while admiring some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. 

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Most of the people in India prefer to travel by train because it is cheap but there are trains in the world which are very expensive and luxurious.

So these are the world's most expensive trains:

Maharaja Express Luxury Train, India

As soon as you step on the train, you will enter the era of kings and queens. Every part of this train is full of antiquity and monarchy. It is a kind of Royal Palace on Wheels. Maharaja Express is India's highest luxury train, offering one of the best travel experiences.

Venice Simulated Orient Express, Europe

The Venice Simple Orient Express (VSOE) is considered to be one of the most expensive train journeys in the world. It allows you to travel to major European destinations. 

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The train offers a 6-day/5-night visit bundle between Paris-Istanbul and Istanbul-Venice. The train has 17 very a la mode carriages, lodge suites, and twofold lodges.

Royal Scotsman, United Kingdom

Operated by Orient-Express Hotels, Royal Scotsman takes 8 days/7 nights to travel across the UK. Space is limited on this luxury train and only 36 guests can be accommodated on this train at a time. Advance booking is required for this.

Rovos Rail Pride of Africa, South Africa

This extravagant train takes travelers from Cape Town to Cairo. This train runs weekly between Pretoria and Cape Town and carries only 72 passengers. 

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It is one of the most expensive trains in the world in the Royal Suite, Deluxe Suite, and Pullman Suite segment. All suites are packed with world-class amenities, spacious beds, and beautiful bathrooms.

Palace on Wheels, India

Palace on Wheels is the second luxury train in India. The train has a luxurious bathroom and sleeping facilities. The food served in it is amazing! You will undoubtedly get a chance to taste the delicacies made for the kings in this journey.

List Of 59 Countries Indians Can Travel Without A Visa

 The COVID-19 pandemic has suspended international travel plans, forcing people to cancel or suspend their annual vacations.

Two Years In A Row, Read all the latest updates about COVID-19 here.

But it appears that countries are now opening their borders with the necessary cowardice. as long as you are completely

Many countries are ready to accept tourists after the Kovid vaccine and test negative before travel. If you are looking to take that long vacation, Indian passport holders can consider visa-free travel countries.

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Indian passport has improved its power ranking in 2022, rising seven places from 83 last year to the 83rd position. Hanley passport

The world's passport ranking index based on the number of destinations that holders can reach without a previous visa, Indian

Passport holders can now travel to 59 countries without a visa.

Japan and Singapore top the index


- Free access to 192 destinations, followed by Germany and South Korea (190 destinations). At the bottom of the index is the Afghan passport.

Note: The index does not consider temporary restrictions.

Visa-free entry for Indian passport holders


Cook's son





Middle East

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The British Virgin Islands






St. Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago




Macau (SAR China)


United States of America

El Salvador





Visa for visiting countries


Marshall Islands

Palau Islands



Middle East




Saint Lucia






Sri Lanka



United States of America




Cape Verde Islands

Comoros Archipelago









Sierra Leone

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These 6 Places Are Perfect For A Destination Wedding On A Budget

Wedding season has started again. 

But Corona's growth has stopped many things, so of course, you have to shorten the guest list but this is a golden opportunity for your destination wedding. 

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In which you can make your day memorable with very few guests on a very low budget. 

So let's know about some budget wedding destinations.

1. Udaipur

Udaipur is a very beautiful place in Rajasthan. Where every corner smells of beauty. It will give a royal touch to your marriage. 

The best part is that you do not need to spend much money to get married here. The desire to marry fewer guests here will be remembered for life.

2. Jaipur

The second most beautiful and famous place of Rajasthan. Not only suitable for travel but also for wedding. Many old forts and buildings can make your wedding royal. Jaipur is also a great place for shopping.

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3. Mussoouri

Of course, it will not be right to choose this place in winter but if your wedding is going to happen in summer then you can include this place in the list. 

The surrounding hills and greenery make the wedding memorable as well as the pictures are good. Mussoorie is the best destination for budget weddings for Delhiites.

4. Kasauli

Most of the places in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh where there is no dearth of beautiful scenery and big events like weddings can be organized on a budget starting from travel.

5. Mahabaleshwar

The weather of Maharashtra is such that you can live comfortably even in simple clothes. Therefore, the idea of ​​getting married at this place would be appropriate. 

Where not only the bride and groom but also the guests can enjoy.

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6. Agra

Agra can be reached in a couple of hours from Delhi. Which is a very romantic and royal place for a wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding but do not want to spend a lot of money then choose this one.

Kumbhalgarh, See World’s Second Tallest Wall

The Aravalli hills, spread far and wide, captivate the minds of those who come to Kumbhalgarh. 

The greenery spread all over and the plains filled with orange flowers of tissue mesmerized every tourist. So why not go on a trip to Kumbhalgarh to see the unique example of bravery and strength.

Kumbhalgarh Fort- The world's second-longest wall

The biggest attraction of Kumbhalgarh is the Kumbhalgarh Fort. It is the second-largest and invincible fort of Rajasthan. The wall spanning 36 kilometers of this fort is the second longest wall in the world. In 2013, UNESCO included it in the list of World Heritage.

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Ranakpur Jain Temple: A wonderful specimen of Indian sculpture, the Jain temple at Ranakpur is dedicated to Tirthankara Rishabhnath. This temple made of marble has a total of 1444 pillars, on which different carvings have been done. 

It is believed that no one has been able to count these pillars to date, because whenever one counts, one pillar is reduced or one pillar is more. The same number never comes. Rana Kumbha had helped to build this town and the temple, hence it was named Ranakpur after his name.

In this temple, you get a golden opportunity to see amazing Indian craftsmanship. The temple has four main gates. The tree of Kalpataru has been made in front of the idol on the roof of the temple. It is a belief that by standing under it and asking for a vow, God fulfills that vow. 

After the fulfillment of the vow, people definitely come back here to give thanks. Here along with an idol of Lord Parshwanath, the heads and bodies of 1008 snakes have been made, whose tail is not found even after searching. Thousands of tourists come here daily from all over the country and abroad.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary - Thrilling Jeep Safari

If you want to experience the thrill of seeing wild animals up close, then definitely take a jeep safari at Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you will get to see all the wild animals like a leopard to nilgai, sambar, langur. Along with this, you will also get to see many new birds. There is an area especially of peacocks, where you will see countless peacocks.

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During the jungle safari, you will also get to see many plants and herbs, which are used by the local people for healing. In this forest, you will get to see a special tree, whose name is - Ghost Tree. Yes, this tree is absolutely white in color, which shines in the night, that is why it is called Ghost Tree. There are three safaris in a day and there is also a night safari. If you want to see as many animals as possible, go on safari in the late evening rather than early morning.

Hamerpal Lake- Thrill to see African Catfish

Thousands of African catfish present in the Hamerpal Lake located in Taladari village of Kumbhalgarh attracts tourists visiting here. It was built in the 13th century by the first Maharana of Mewar, Hamir Singh. Tourists who see Kumbhalgarh Fort definitely come here. The villagers have put a ban on catching fish here. This is the reason why the number of fish is increasing.

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Club Mahindra: Exquisite hospitality in the lap of nature

Surrounded by the mountain ranges of Aravalli, Kumbhalgarh Club Mahindra Resort lets you experience the touch of nature. Its swimming pool, fun zone, spa center, and restaurant allow you to spend the best quality time. You will surely take away unforgettable memories from here.

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