Analyze 20 Facts About Traveling

If you are fond of traveling, then you must know interesting facts related to travel.
Analyze 20 Facts About Traveling
Analyze 20 Facts About Traveling

1. Different types of food are given to the flight pilot and his assistant so that their stomach does not get upset at the same time.

2. Do not be afraid to travel by air, because according to statistics, the plane is the safest mode of travel.

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3.  A person suffering from depression benefits from traveling. This improves their condition.

4. Even after walking for a day or two, there is a reduction in stress by up to 89 percent.

5. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City. Monaco is smaller than New York's Central Park.

6. More than 850 languages ​​are spoken in a country called New Guinea.

7. People driving at high speed should go to Germany. There is no speed limit for driving on freeways and highways.

8. Traveling improves memory and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Traveling makes a person intelligent and happy. Scientists have confirmed this.

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9. Every eighth job in America is related to travel. Let us tell you that there are 600 airlines in America.

10. Las Vegas has the largest number of hotel rooms in the world.

11. France is the most popular country among tourists.

12. About 20 million tourists visit Greece every year.

13. There are 300,000 lakes in Canada. Their number is more than the number of lakes in the world.

14.. 99% of Libya is desert.

15. America has the largest number of prisoners in the world.

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16. The largest hotel in the world is the Izmailovo Hotel of Russia. 7,500 people can live here simultaneously.

17. Most of the jet lag occurs when traveling from west to east.

18. France covers the most time zones.

19. There are more cars than people in San Marino.

20. The size of Russia is bigger than the planet Pluto

10 Essential Tips for Traveling With Kids

While traveling with kids, it is very important to take care of some important things. 
10 Essential Tips for Traveling With Kids
10 Essential Tips for Traveling With Kids

So that you can enjoy the journey comfortably and the child also does not have any kind of problem.

1. Many times, keeping your clothes as well as children's clothes in the same bag causes a lot of problems. Due to frequent changes, you have to carry the entire packing from here to there. So this time whenever you go to travel with children, keep a separate bag for them. With this, the things they need will be easily available in one place. Also, he himself can remove his things from the bag.


2. If you are traveling with the child, then take the things he needs with you. Try not to be short of food items. Children drink milk, so keep a sufficient quantity of milk with you in advance so that the milk does not run out during the journey. Apart from this, keep other food items of the child with you. If the baby's stomach is full, he will not bother you. So the next time you travel with a child, enjoy this journey to the fullest.

3. Don't forget to keep your child's favorite toys and books. By doing this, not only will the children be busy, but they will also not feel irritable. If you do not want to do this, then download children's games or kids-friendly apps on mobile.

4. Always use a backpack for head luggage on the plane, so that your hands are free to handle the child.

5. Be careful while choosing a hotel. Do not choose a hotel that is at a very high altitude or where you have to climb a lot of stairs, as it can be difficult to climb up and down again and again with a child.


6.  Be careful while booking flights. If possible, choose a night flight, because by doing this the child will sleep according to his time as soon as he leaves the flight and will not disturb him too much in the flight.

7. When traveling with a child, do not choose such places where there is a lot of crowds. Children feel suffocated due to overcrowding and feel unsafe because of the noise. That's why they start crying especially in such places. Therefore, instead of overcrowded places, choose a quiet place.

8.  It is common to get sick during travel and during fluctuating weather conditions. If the children are weak anyway, then keep the necessary medicines of the children with you. If the child has allergies, then make special preparations for it.

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9. Before going on a trip, definitely contact the children's doctor and get the children's routine checkup done so that the fun of travel is not gritty and the children do not fall ill.

10. While traveling, keep the necessary contact numbers in the children's bag or pocket. So that if there is any problem, the child can use these numbers.

Cheap Travel To Russia And Some Important Things

Russia may not be the best option for most travelers to Europe. 
Cheap Travel To Russia And Some Important Things
Cheap Travel To Russia And Some Important Things 

With the questionable state of peace and order, especially in the Chechen region, the influence of the communist regime is still greatest, and the cold climate across the country, especially in winter, should be invoked for most of Russia. But he is the first. Now, the Soviet shadow of the past still exists, yet Russia is an interesting place.

Visitors will not be disappointed by the many historical sites showcasing how rich Russia's culture is. There are many museums, monuments and untouched nature here.

Cheap travel to Russia

Considering the distance to the country, going to Russia can be quite expensive. But for many online travel companies, the price is much lower than before.

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To get cheap and cheap travel to Russia, you just need to check the website specialized in cheap tours. Travel tours and packages are available for groups and families who have decided to stay in Russia.

About Russia

Although Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the country's primary cities, Russia has several neighboring countries. But be careful while traveling. Ensure you know the spots you intend to visit.

You may have some difficulty communicating with the locals, especially if you live far away from these two cities. In any case, on the off chance that you can get Russian, you will not have an issue.

Russia is a big country. In fact, it is the largest country in the world, more than twice the size of the United States. It ranges from Europe to Asia and is partitioned into 11-time regions.

The weather has become a major issue for those planning a trip to Russia, especially if you are traveling to the Siberian region. When winter comes, most people go to Russia. This usually happens from May to September. Contrary to the general effect, summer is appropriate at this time.

Safety tips

Learn as much as you can when you decide to move to Russia. Learn the language, the people, the culture, how to get around, and - especially where the US embassy is located.

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Pack light while packing. Avoid carrying a lot of cash and expensive jewelry. Do not show your wallet in public. Use a money belt that can be worn around the neck. It is more secure than a purse. Beware of crowded places like public markets, public transport, and tourist places. Always be careful with pocket scissors.

If you are traveling from one place to another, don't be fooled by unmarked taxis and cars. Also, don't share a taxi with someone you don't know. If you are also planning to travel by bus or train, be extra careful.

If you're planning on drinking in a public place, make sure you have someone around who can sit quietly. Any indication of inebriation can draw in proficient burglars and hoodlums.

Before leaving your passport, make sure others in the household know your travel and contact number and your travel document number. In the case something turns out badly, they'll know where to search for you. Make proper photocopies of your plane tickets, passport, visa, and all your travel documents. Leave a copy at home or with an acquaintance.

Check travel precautions and avoid areas such as Ingushetia, the North Caucasus of Chechnya, the eastern and southern parts of Stavropol Krai, and Dagestan. These places can be dangerous for tourists.

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Avoid drinking tap water. Drink bottled water instead. If bottled water is not available, boil the water before drinking it.

All of these can help you complete your Russia trip safely.

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