5 BEST Vastu Tips To Follow For SAFE Traveling

5 Vastu Tips To Follow For SAFE Traveling

By going outside or going on a journey for some work, you can avoid the Vastu Tips to Follow For Traveling by taking care of some things.

1.It is believed that according to Vastu, never use negative words at all before starting the journey with any other purpose. Always say and listen well while leaving the house.

2. If sneezing while going out of the house and it is not necessary to leave immediately, you can get out by stopping for some time or by drinking water. This avoids anything untoward.

3. By lighting the camphor at night, read Hanuman Chalisa. It is believed that doing so protects against natural-unnatural accidents. Vermillion can be offered in Hanumanji's temple on Tuesday.

4. Do not make any bad talk or joke about river, fire, and wind even before you leave for the journey. Due to this, they are afraid of getting angry and you have to face them outside the house.

5. While going out, promise to come back to meet Ganesha, who is sitting at the main gate. Every journey of yours will be happy.



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