How To Be Aware Of Travel Scams?

Unlike most products, travel services have to be paid for before they can be delivered. 
How To Be Aware Of Travel Scams?
How To Be Aware Of Travel Scams?

It creates opportunities for competitors and companies. Some travel packages that are offered are or are very different from what the user expects. Some things don't work!

If you get an offer by phone or mail to go on a free or low-cost vacation to a popular destination (mostly Hawaii or Florida).

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Here are some things to do:

*Does the value sound unrealistic? If so, then maybe it is.

* Have you been asked to provide your credit card number over the phone?

* Are you under pressure to make immediate decisions?

* Is the carrier simply marked as "a leading airline", or does the representative offer a collection of airlines without specifying who you are?

* Agent unable or unwilling to give you the company address?

* Have you been told you can't go for at least two months? (The credit card fee dispute deadline is 60 days, and most scammers know this.)

On the off chance that you experience any of these side effects, tread carefully. request wrote information to be sent to you; Any legit travel company would be happy to do the coercion. If they don't have the brochure, give them a day or two to think about it; Most real deals that are good today will be better two days from now. If they both play with their confidence as they choose to begin their sporting activities, then this journey may not be for you.

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Some more tips:

* If you are told that you have won a free vacation, ask if you would like to buy something else to get it. Some packages offer free airfares unless you are traveling to an expensive hotel. Others have free hotels, but no airfare.

* If you're seriously considering a vacation offer and you think you've set full price to pay, what can you compare that offer with? Often, applying for free airfares or free accommodations hides the fact that the total cost is still more than a regular package tour.

* Get a specific departure date in writing before paying for something. Look at any shloka with a suspicion that an acceptable date will be arranged next time. If the package includes a standby or waiting list trip or reservation that can be made much later, if you want to cancel your payment, don't ask for a refund and don't make a payment you won't lose.

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*On the off chance that the objective is an ocean-side retreat, ask the vendor how far the lodging is from the ocean side. Then ask the hotel.

* Determine the total cost of the trip in dollars, including all service costs, taxes, processing fees, etc.

* If you decide to purchase it after a travel check, paying by credit card gives you certain legal rights if you do not provide the promised service.

Know Why Kashi Vishwanath Dham Is Special?

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the famous Hindu religious places in India. 

Built-in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, this shrine is situated on the western bank of the holy river Ganges, which is the ninth of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The city of Varanasi is also called Kashi. In such a situation, this holy place is known as Kashi Vishwanath.

Maa Bhagwati is seated in the form of Shakti in the right part of Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga, the main among the Dwadash Jyotirlingas. While looking at the other side, Lord Shiva is seen. Kashi is also called Mukti Kshetra. This temple has special significance from the point of view of Tantra. Yes, four main gates have been built in this temple of Baba Vishwanath. 

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Their names are Shanti Dwar, Kala Dwar, Pratishtha Dwar, and Nivritti Dwar. Talking about astrology and tantra, these four gates have their own importance. The specialty of this place is that it is the only place in the whole world, where Shiva and Adishakti are sitting together.

Apart from the four gates, the Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva also makes this place special, which is present in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple in the northeast. As such, many beliefs and stories are associated with this place. 

According to one of these stories, Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of one of his devotees. During the darshan, Lord Shiva said that you will get two Shivling after taking bath in the Ganges. According to Lord Shiva, the devotee got two Shivlings. 

Now Shiva had also ordered the devotee to install the two Shivling by connecting them. Now the devotee also obeyed the orders of Shiva and kept them connected in the same way. 

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Shiva had told the devotee that if he establishes both the Shivling by joining them together, then the divine Shivling of Shiva and Shakti will be established. It is believed that since then Lord Shiva is sitting here with Mother Parvati.

At the same time, if other beliefs are to be believed, then Maa Bhagwati herself had established Mahadev here. In the temple of Baba Vishwanath, apart from Mangala aarti in the early morning, there is aarti four times throughout the day. It is believed that the virtue of water offered on Monday is more. Especially on the Monday of Sawan, performing Jalabhishek here has its own significance.

According to historians, the construction of this famous temple was done by King Vikramaditya himself in the 11th century with his own hands. At the same time, in 1194 AD, this grand temple was demolished by Muhammad Ghori. 

On the other hand, this temple was rebuilt once again as soon as Iltutmish ascended the throne, but once again in 1447 AD, Sultan Mahmud Ghori of Jaunpur gathered the courage to break this temple.

But due to the faith and unwavering faith of the people, during the reign of the Mughal ruler Akbar, there is a mention of this ancient temple being rebuilt during the reign of Raja Man Singh. After this, again in 1585, during the reign of Akbar, Raja Todarmal got the temple renovated with the help of Pandit Narayan Bhatt. 

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After a long time, orders were issued to demolish this temple once again. Yes, Aurangzeb decided to break this temple again during his reign. After much effort and struggle, it was built by Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore in 1780.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated the first phase of the Kashi Vishwanath Dham Corridor in Banaras. At present, 2600 laborers have worked day and night to complete the construction work of this corridor. 

Under the project costing Rs 900 crore, 24 buildings have been constructed in the complex, including Main Temple Complex, Mandir Chowk, Mumukshu Bhawan, City Gallery, Refreshment Centre, Multipurpose Hall, Passenger Facilitation Centre, etc.

Why It's Ideal To Go Out With Your gathering?

Know the best reason for you to go out with your trio
Why It's Ideal To Go Out With Your gathering?
Why It's Ideal To Go Out With Your gathering? 

Isolation out, associating in… 

It can't be rejected that voyaging is fun, fun, fun… however it is a lot of fun on the off chance that you go out on a gathering trip. A ton of fervor, holding, and experience anticipates you. A gathering might mean your family, circles, old-secondary school schoolmates, colleagues, or family members. Whatever it is, regardless size-it makes certain to be an essential encounter to invest energy someplace new with these individuals. 

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Arranging may be simple for one however putting together it is here and there an extreme errand and it involves a lot of defects en route. Then again, there is an unfathomable sensation of remuneration eventually if the journey ends up being something smooth. 

How might one make the best journey as a coordinator? 

Picking and looking for the assistance of a solid travel planner is a determinant if the excursion would be sans bother or the opposite way around. Ensure that you will pick as per the validity the organization possesses because of its involvement with taking care of gathering excursions or travel. 

After an examination on the potential boats, transports, travels, or different types of transportation that could give the conveniences and convenience that would address a greater part of the issues of your gathering, you should have sufficient time contrasting the costs. 

Make certain to look for a duplicate of the agreement you have with the specialist you have picked. Have everything in the paper, similar to the rundown of your schedule and reservations just as all the fundamental data. 

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When there are shore visits, have a duplicate of the rundown of transports, schedule of the visit and allot someone to be answerable for the guest plans and if at any time the honorarium for the drivers are remembered for the expense. 

Guarantee that the journey exercises are solely for every one of the individuals as it were. Outcasts should not be permitted to join or intrude on the undertakings of the gathering and the boat or line should give the security the gathering has the right to have on the whole excursion. 

On the off chance that the gathering arrives in a greater number, request the assistance of those dependable and pick a piece of the boat where all of you could plunk down and talk. In case there are concerns or issues, this would fill in as the scene for that as well. 

A rundown of the multitude of significant contacts in the event of any issue and the rundown of room tasks should be gotten as well. Exercises, if set up should be as a team with the Guest Relation Officer. 

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For suppers, the gathering should be in touch with the eatery director. Gathering pioneers might be allocated for bigger gatherings. 

With every one of these, focus to consider making the best out of your GROUP TRIP!


 Reasons To Love The  Andaman And Nicobar

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, geographically located east of the Indian mainland, float in spectacular isolation in the Bay of Bengal. Once a mountain range stretching from Myanmar to Indonesia, these picturesque islands are covered by about 836 islands, dense rainfed, moist and evergreen forests, and endless diversity of exotic flora and fauna. Most of these islands (about 550) belong to the Andaman group, of which 28 are inhabited. Little Nicobar consists of about 22 main islands (10 settlements). The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are separated by a ten degree channel which is 150 km long. Wide

These islands are also proud of the historically significant places in the days of the freedom struggle Cellular Jail, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island, Viper Island, Hoptown and Mount Harriet. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been declared as two of the 218 endemic bird areas in the world. The island has 270 species and subspecies of birds, of which 106 are endemic. Andaman wood pigeons, Andaman paddocks and dugongs have been declared as state birds, state trees and state animals, respectively. The islands have about 96 wildlife sanctuaries, nine national parks and one wildlife sanctuary. These islands have abundant rainfall, both southwest and northeast.

Climate and Geography

The islands have a tropical climate. The southwest monsoon sets in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at the end of May, and the northeast monsoon sets in November. No extreme heat, no severe cold, no water logging or traffic jams. For those who want to enjoy boating, swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing, there is a full 12 month season. When North Indians visit the island in May / June / July and December / January, they get relief from extreme heat and severe cold. The season for nature lovers is May to December when the forests are green and the waterfalls are at their peak. Divers can enjoy bird watchers best between December and April and during the winter.


Administratively, there are three revenue districts in the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair - The capital and gateway to the islands is located in the South Andaman Islands and falls under the South Andaman District. The latest North and Central Andaman districts, headquartered in Mayabandar, are separated from the South Andaman district by a drain. Car Nicobar is the area Headquarters of Nicobar region. There are piers in every one of the occupied islands. Be that as it may, huge boats can contact . According to the 2011 census of India, Andaman and Nicobar has a total population of 3,79,944 and a literacy rate of 86.27%.


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been inhabited for at least a few thousand years. The last archaeological evidence is still recorded around 2,200 years ago; However, studies of genetic, cultural and linguistic separation point to a settlement 30,000 - 60,000 years ago in the Middle Palais era. In the Andaman Islands, the various Andamanese peoples maintained their separate existence through the vast majority of time, diversifying into distinct linguistic, cultural and regional groups. When they first came into permanent contact with outside groups in the 1850s, the Andaman tribes were: the great Andamanese, who collectively represented at least 10 different subgroups and languages; Jarawa: Jungle (or Rutland Jarawa); onz; and Sentinel (the most different of all groups). The indigenous (unrelated to Andamanese) islands of Nicobar have an equally distinct and long-standing relationship. There are two main groups: the Nicobarese, or Nicobarese inhabit several islands; and Champagne, confined within Great Nicobar.

Normal rainfall in Port Blair: 3900 mm

Average minimum temperature: 23.2 C

Average maximum temperature: 25 °C

Average relative humidity: 80%

Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is the gateway to the pristine islands. Port Blair, an Island town offering water,based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea,cruises, and glimpses of the history and culture of the region. The Aberdeen Bazaar forms the centre of the town. Port Blair, an island city with water based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea travel and a glimpse of the history and culture of the region. Aberdeen Market is in the heart of the city.

Best time to visit Andaman Islands:

Andaman experiences moderate temperature throughout the year, ranging from 23 C to 31 C. It has a tropical climate. There are no severe climatic conditions except tropical storms and rain at the end of summer and during the rainy season.

Summer (March to May) is hot but pleasant with sea breeze and humidity levels around 80%. It is suitable for all kinds of tourist activities.

Monsoon season is also recommended to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands as tourists can have more options both indoors and outdoors. No water logging or traffic jams. During the monsoon season, the green vegetation and natural beauty of the island prevail. Moderate to heavy rainfall occurs during monsoon (May to August) and post monsoon (September to November). Andaman hoteliers offer attractive discounts during the monsoon season.

Winter (December to February) is not cold and is ideal for sightseeing.

How to reach Andaman?

In the sky

Bir Savarkar Airport is an international airport located in the capital of Port Blair, the gateway to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is well connected by air to Port Blair, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore and New Delhi. Air India, Indigo, Vistara, GoFirst and SpiceJet airlines operate regular flights. Foreign chartered flights are also allowed to land at Port Blair, subject to the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Intercontinental Connectivity - Find Online Boat Schedule by Ferry or Boat Click Here

The Department of Shipping, Andaman and Nicobar Administration operates regular ferry services from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair to inland and outlying areas connecting all populated islands/tourist destinations. The department operates vehicular ferries and several harbor ferries at major locations. The sailing program is published in the administration's newspapers - Daily Telegram (English daily) and Dwip Samachar (Hindi daily). All India Radio and Doordarshan announce the cruise schedule along with the official website. Tickets are issued through the Stars counter at the Phoenix Bay Jetty, operated by the Department of Shipping.

For tourists, private boats ply from Aberdeen Jetty (Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex), Port Blair to nearby tourist places like Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Island, Viper Island, North Bay, Harbor Cruise etc. Private tourist boats are also available at Vandoor (Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex). Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park) for Jolly Boy and Red Skin Islands trip. Private luxury tourist boats operate from Phoenix Bay Jetty from Port Blair to Swaraj Island and back in season, significantly reducing travel time.

Intercontinental Connection - By Air

Daily helicopter services are available from Port Blair to other inter-island tourist destinations like Shaheed Dweep, Swaraj Dweep, Diglipur, Hatbay etc.

Tourist Information Centres: 


Andaman Tourism (ANIIDCO)

TTDC Complex, Wallajah Road,

Near KalaivanarArangam,

Chennai – 600102.

Mobile : 09841015934

Phone : 044-25360952, 24743238


Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair

Phone : 03192-232414


India Tourism Office

Junglighat, Port Blair


Tourist Information Centre

Swaraj Dweep Jetty, Swaraj Dweep

Entry Formalities for foreigners

Foreigners are permitted to visit the following Islands without requirement of Restricted Area Permit- (1) East Island (2) North Andaman (3) Smith Island (4) Curfew Island (5) Stewart Island (6) Landfall Island (7) Ayes Island (8) Middle Andaman (9) Long Island (10) Strait Island (11) North Passage (12) Baratang (13) South Andaman (14) Swaraj Dweep (15) Shaheed Dweep (16) Flat Bay (17) North Sentinel Island (18) Little Andaman (19)Chowra (20) Tilang Chong Island (21) Teressa (22) Katchal (23)Nancowry (24) Kamorta (25) Pulomilo (26) Great Nicobar (27) Little Nicobar (28) Narcondum Island (29) Interview Island & (30) Wiper Island(Day visit only).

Citizens of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan, as well as foreign nationals of these countries, will continue to need a restricted area permit for travel to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In such cases, the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) will be issued only with the prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs. If such a citizen is allowed to travel to these islands without a restricted area permit, the necessary disciplinary action will be taken under the relevant provisions of the Foreigners Act, 1946.

Myanmar nationals wishing to travel to Mayabandar and Diglipur can do so only with the prior permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Travel to the tribal areas is allowed only after obtaining the tribal pass issued by the Deputy Commissioners of South Andaman, North and Central Andaman and Nicobar.
Forest inspection is subject to restrictions imposed by the Chief Wildlife Warden, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and guidelines issued by the Ministry.
To visit the national park, visiting teams must be accompanied by a guide nominated by the chief wildlife warden of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and follow the code of conduct in the park area.
In case of violation of National Marine Park Code, appropriate penalties may be imposed on the offenders by the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Administration.
Marine Park area travel is limited to small boats or glass-bottomed boats. Oil cannot be spread in the area.


Scuba diving and underwater photography are permitted in the designated area but no coral, fish or other objects are allowed to be removed from Marine Park.
Photography of tribal tribes (Jarwa / Prahari / Great Andamanese / Onge / Champagne) is not allowed in tribal sanctuaries. This is an offense punishable under PAT Regulation 1956.
Camping on the beach and sleeping in the woods are strictly forbidden.
No one should stay on the beach and in the forest after sunset.


Do not drive any vehicle without a valid international driving license. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for two-wheeler and rear seat riders.

For immigration connected info, please contact:
Foreigners Registration Officer
Immigration and Foreigners Branch,
Ground Floor, workplace of Superintendent of Police (South Andaman).
Phone Nos.: (03192)237793 and (03192)234472 with extensions 358 & 374.
In any emergency, please contact the involved police office of the world. the phonephone numbers are: Police room (for Port statesman Area) (100), postscript Swaraj Dweep (282405), postscript sufferer Dweep (282602), postscript Baratang (279503), postscript Kadamtala (267005), OP Long Island (278611) postscript Rangat (274239), OP Betapur (270111), postscript Billiground (270523), postscript Mayabunder (273203) postscript Diglipur (272223), postscript Kalighat (278149), postscript Hut Bay (284208),PS Katchal (293464),PS Teressa (294039), postscript mythologist Bay (263464), postscript Nancowry (263464).


Most of these islands (about 550) belong to the Andaman group, of which 28 are inhabited. The southwest monsoon sets in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at the end of May, and the northeast monsoon sets in November. For those who want to enjoy boating, swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing, there is a full 12 month season. When North Indians visit the island in May / June / July and December / January, they get relief from extreme heat and severe cold. Be that as it may, huge boats can contact . According to the 2011 census of India, Andaman and Nicobar has a total population of 3,79,944 and a literacy rate of 86.27%. The last archaeological evidence is still recorded around 2,200 years ago; However, studies of genetic, cultural and linguistic separation point to a settlement 30,000 - 60,000 years ago in the Middle Palais era. When they first came into permanent contact with outside groups in the 1850s, the Andaman tribes were: the great Andamanese, who collectively represented at least 10 different subgroups and languages; Jarawa: Jungle (or Rutland Jarawa); onz; and Sentinel (the most different of all groups). It is suitable for all kinds of tourist activities. No water logging or traffic jams.

5 Places In India That Become Even More Beautiful After A Snowfall!

If white is your favorite color, imagine a house with a snowy view from outside! 

You sit on your porch, drink hot tea or coffee, and watch the sunset before your eyes. Or play in the snow or ski whenever you want! There is no end to such desires. Whatever you want, these snow-capped mountains of India will fascinate you. 

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Let's take a look at 5 places in India that look even more beautiful after a snowstorm.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is a beautiful white snow-capped city located near the Bhutan-Tibet border in Arunachal Pradesh at an altitude of 22,000 feet above sea level. Here you can see the Buddhist heritage as well as enjoy the spectacular snowfall. 

For the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea, Tawang is the primary region in the Indian Himalayas where snow falls consistently in December.

Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Located at a distance of about 65 km from Shimla, Narkanda is another spectacular place that is beautiful and covered with white snow in winters. It takes two hours to reach the village by car. 

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Due to heavy snowfall, Narkanda is one of the most popular skiing destinations in India, which is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty. People like to come here because Shimla and Manali in Himachal Pradesh are not so crowded.

Gulmarg, Kashmir

If you are looking for a snow adventure then Gulmarg is the best for you. In winter this place is covered with white sheets and is perfect for skiing. This place of Kashmir is considered a paradise. Gulmarg is a small village at a distance of 50 km from Srinagar.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

The thought of Darjeeling immediately takes you back to the British era, and you see toy carts slowly rolling down the hill through lush green forests, snow-capped peaks, and large tea stands. Women are shown cutting leaves in the garden.

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Ali, Uttarakhand

If you love skiing, Ollie is your destination. Despite being small in size in winter, this wonderful country is at the peak of its natural beauty. Surrounded by a thick blanket of snow, this beautiful village of Uttarakhand has turned into a ski resort, which attracts adventurers.

Take care of 10 things while traveling with children

Take care of 10 things while traveling with children (10 Essential Tips for Traveling With Kids)

Whether traveling for the first time with children, or for the fifth time ... it is very important to take care of some important things. So that you can enjoy the journey in peace and the child also does not have any kind of problem.

# Many times there are problems with keeping the clothes of children in the same bag along with their clothes. Due to frequent changes, you have to move the entire packing from here to there. So this time, whenever you go traveling with children, keep a separate bag for them. With this, things of their need will be easily found in one place. Also, he himself can take his things out of the bag.

# If you are traveling with the child, then take with him the things he needs. Try not to be short of food. Children drink milk, so keep a sufficient quantity of milk together in advance to ensure that the milk does not run out during the journey. Apart from this, keep the other food items of the child with you. If the baby is full, he will not bother you. So next time you travel with the child, enjoy this journey completely.

# Be sure to keep your child's favorite toys and books. By doing this, not only will the children be happy but they will also not feel irritable. If you do not want to do this, then download children's games or kids friendly app on mobile.

# Always use a backpack for the head luggage on the plane, so that your hands are free to handle the child.

# Use caution when choosing a hotel. Do not choose a hotel that is at a very high height or where more stairs have to be climbed because it can be difficult to get up and down repeatedly with the child.

# Use caution when booking flights as well. If possible, choose a night flight, because by doing this, the child will sleep according to his time as soon as he goes into the flight and will not make him too tight during the flight.

# While traveling with the child, do not choose such places where there are more crowds. Children feel suffocated due to overcrowding and feel insecure due to noise. That's why they start crying especially in such places. So you choose a quiet place instead of more crowded places.

# Getting sick during travel and during weather fluctuations are common. If the children are weak anyway, keep the necessary medicines with children. If the child is allergic, then go ahead with special preparations.

# Before knowing about travel, please contact the children's doctor and get the children's routine checked up so that the enjoyment of travel is not gritty and the children do not fall ill.

# When traveling, keep the required contact numbers in the children's bag or pocket. So that if there is any problem, the child can use these numbers.

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Chip-enabled E-Passports To Allow Smooth Passage Through Immigration Globally

With enhanced security features supporting smooth flow 

The Ministry of External Affairs plans to issue chip-enabled e-passports to citizens soon,Go through Global Immigration.

“Passport services, almost all civil services that we provide and the ministry is working tirelessly to introduce new services.

"Passports and facilities are part of our passport services," Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Thursday. "Prime Minister

Announced that we, India, will implement e-passport. We are in the process of implementing this project."

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In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that work was underway to issue chip-based e-passports to Indian citizens under a central system.

No government job, no passport approval: J&K's move on 'sedition' and stone pelting

"Our Embassies and Consulates across the world are being linked with the Passport Seva Project," he said at the inauguration ceremony.

On the occasion of NRI Day in Varanasi.

Foreign Secretary Sanjay Bhattacharya tweeted on Wednesday that India will soon introduce the next generation ICAO compliant e-passports for its citizens.

Secure biometric data and make it easier to navigate through immigration posts around the world. The personal details of the applicant will be digitally signed and stored on a chip, which will be included in the passport book Inside.

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If someone tampers with the chip, the system will be able to detect it, resulting in failure of passport authentication. it will create Passport is difficult to obtain and helps travelers to immigrate without any difficulty.

Govt approves Bharat Security Press to procure electronic contactless inlet for e-passport

(ISP), Nashik. Government Press Security is a subsidiary of the Public Sector Undertaking Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL).

In this context, Government of India, ISP, Nashik was accorded approval for issue of global tender for procurement of International Civil Aviation Company.

(ICAO) Operating system as well as electronic communication for generation of e-passport.

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Production should start after successful completion of tender and procurement process by the press.

India has a network of about 555 Passport Kendras consisting of 36 Passport Offices, 93 Passport Seva Kendras and 426 Post Office Passport Services.

Center (POPSK) as per official figures.


Traveling : Little Things You Need To Pack Before Leaving

So, you are finally going for your perfect vacation, Packing carefully doesn't spoil a good vacation. 

Airport security has changed and become extremely strict. You might want to leave some items at home and take others with you. Here are some tips to help you have a simple trip and vacation with you:

Bottled water: Many people are afraid of being late at the security checkpoint and some may insist that you finish it in front of a guard. Drinking water regularly while flying reduces the trouble of flying. Also, depending on your destination - bottled water can be very helpful.

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Needless to say, you are also a diabetic, but non-diabetics can benefit from a small meal. Food usually doesn't bother the security guards. Have a few small sweets and high-protein foods on hand to help lower your blood sugar levels.

Even if you don't have a baby, you may still need baby wipes. It will help if you eat something sticky and can't get up to go to the bathroom.

Wherever you go, you need to find a safe way to carry your money and valuables. Your passport and credit card will ruin your and your family's vacation. If you travel often, it would be wise to invest in something special and practical. Money belts are a great way to carry your valuables but sometimes they look bulky and neat. 

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Fanny packs are another idea. It all depends on where you are going. You don't want to draw attention to yourself or your blue lemon green fan pack. Depending on where you are going, you may be able to leave the jewelry at home. Foreign criminals are only looking for undisputed Americans.

Some sort of portable entertainment is needed if you're traveling alone for long periods of time. Technology alone cannot take advantage of one of the many portable entertainment systems. If you fly, expect delays and you'll be happy to have them. Load up an iPod with your favorite music and your mood will instantly lift wherever you are.

Another thing that can be helpful is a first aid kit. Even if you don't need it - it reassures you that you are prepared for any emergency. Include headache pills, some Mylanta essentials, and anti-inflammatory pills. There are some of the best short-travel first aid kits available today.

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It's best to pack one or two plastic bags in your bag. This will be useful at some point in your journey. Plastic bags are a unique way to be useful and tough when you need them most. Roll it up - don't take up space and you'll get used to it at some point in your journey. Otherwise, you will have to pack your wet shoes with your clothes. Here are some tips to help you reduce your travel stress. Air travel has changed since 9/11 and this should be taken into account when traveling. Prepare, be ready, and in particular - have an incredible excursion!

These 5 Places Are Very Favorable For Sightseeing In January

January is also the peak of winter, plan a trip to a place where the weather is normal. 

So all the places that we are going to talk about today are in line with these standards. Not only is the weather pleasant but there are many festivals that can make your trip more enjoyable. 

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Rann  Of Kutch

The Kutch Race is the world's largest salt desert, known as the 'Kutch Race', which extends north and east of the city of Kutch in Gujarat. 

The Kutch fair held here every year is famous all over the world. While enjoying the festivities, you can enjoy everything from desert safaris to folk songs and dances.


Although Goa's travel season starts in November, you can also plan to visit here in January.

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There is a lot of adventure activity here and this place is perfect for a party.


Arranged in the Great Desert, Jaisalmer is especially known for its yellow stone structures and columns of camels strolling on the sand. Jaisalmer Fort, Nathmal Ki Haveli, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Patwan Ki Haveli, Mandir Palace, Gadisar Lake are some of the places that will make your trip a memorable one. Don't miss your photography opportunities.

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January is the best time to visit Bikaner as it is the time of the camel festival. It is so amazing and huge that foreign tourists also come to see it. There can be no better place than this to have fun with the family.

International Flights: Etihad Airways Issues Fresh Guidelines For Passengers

People planning to travel in wake of the United Etihad Airways Omicron case. 
International Flights: Etihad Airways Issues Fresh Guidelines For Passengers
International Flights: Etihad Airways Issues Fresh Guidelines For Passengers 

The UAE has issued new guidelines to help air travelers during the holidays. Due to overcrowding, heavy rush and long queues at the airport, the airline said its guidelines would help air travelers in a critical time

If you are one of the travelers planning to travel to the United Arab Emirates on New Year's Eve, check out the latest airline guidelines for your safe travel.

Online check-in: Passengers should check-in online as it opens 30 hours before the flight and is available for one hour before the planned departure. After checking in, you can drop your bag and leave for the airport.

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Archive Verification: This assistance given by Etihad Airways assists travelers with checking their movement records and showing up at the air terminal.

All necessary COVID guidelines. The assistance is accessible seven days preceding the flight and travelers will actually want to transfer it.

As soon as the result of the Kovid-19 PCR test comes negative, they prepare a document. They can then use the fast-track 'Verified to Fly' desk at the airport or

Avoid self-service kiosks and long queues at airports

Save your seats: Passengers can reserve their seats at the airport or even at the time of online check-in on the plane. 

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With its exceptional "fixed-wing" headrest, Etihad's economy-savvy seating makes long stretch flights more agreeable for travelers. 

The seat has back support and generous legroom to make travel smooth and comfortable.

Cabin Baggage Policy: Air travelers should note that the cabin baggage policy is 7 kg for Economy Class and 12 kg for First and Business Class.

Maximum size of guest and cabin baggage - 50 cm height, 25 cm depth, 40 cm width.

Purchase Travel Insurance: Buy travel protection from Etihad Airways for complete security and an inward feeling of harmony 24 hours per day when you fly.

Help and Support. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, we always recommend buying travel insurance before you travel at

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Learn about USCBP benefits: If travelers travel to the United States they can take advantage of the US Customs and Border Protection Facility (USCBP).

Etihad at Abu Dhabi International Airport. This facility allows them to complete all immigration and customs formalities before departure. Then

To pass Customs and Immigration, they do not require further checks upon arrival in the United States.


Quick Guide To The Maldives

The Maldives is a paradise for snorkel and scuba divers with abundant coral and marine life. Its beaches and hotels do not disappoint.
Quick Guide To The Maldives
Quick Guide To The Maldives

Where is it?

The Maldives is a group of over 1000 atlas in the Indian Ocean off the southwest coast of India. The small islands are located in a row facing south and offer an expensive itinerary for peace-seeking travelers.

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where can I stay?

It's hard to beat the perfect combination of wide, white sandy beaches, the perfect blue sea, and the tropical sun, and most hotels in the Maldives let guests enjoy the surroundings straight from their rooms or create a romantic zone. Huh. 

Dinner and drink. Boutique hotels go a step further, creating a casual, contemporary feel that will allow guests to anticipate their every need and feel right at home so that a casual vacation can become a true paradise. Dhoni is the most exclusive hotel in the Ari Atal Islands in Migili. 

Only twelve people sleep in this luxurious hotel and the guests are either in luxury speedboats, private jets, or romantic Dhoni. Butlers take care of your every need. Eat, drink and sleep according to your schedule and make the most of every minute. 

Or, if Northern Men's Atoll is to your liking, the Hafven Fushi is a perishable boutique hotel only a 25-minute speedboat ride from Male International Airport. Relax with your own private pool, as there is only your villa and one more in the entire complex. If you want to eat by candlelight on the beach, say so. Really humble, but worth every penny.

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What Can I see?

All the islands that make up the Maldives are small and you can visit some of them. Many people come for diving and snorkeling, but a visit to Rajdhani Mall can be fruitful, where markets, mosques, and small shops can bring you back to reality. Otherwise, just soak and enjoy the beauty of the beach and ocean from your boutique retreat.

How can I get closer?

Only a few islands fall under the highly regulated tourism zone, which the government has set up to prevent the destruction of landscapes and villages. If you want to visit the official islands, you can fly or use a dhoni or speedboat. However, most of the islands are small enough for easy walking or cycling.

The Maldives can be special, but if you have the time and are ready to indulge yourself, there is no better place than this.

14 Tips For A Stress Free Flight

Tips For Stress-Free Flight
14 Tips For A Stress Free Flight
14 Tips For A Stress-Free Flight

Travel can be an unpleasant occasion and air travel beats the rundown of stress which we consider to be an interesting and fun occasion. A few simple steps can reduce the stress of air travel.

Things to do before the day of the trip:

1) Pack your bags. All your packing is done at least one night in advance and makes sure all your bags are centrally located for easy and complete loading into your car or taxi.

2) Organize all your travel documents and go to one central place.

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3) To keep your home safe before you leave, make a checklist of everything you need to check and walk around your house inspecting each item. Do this at least an hour before leaving the house. Do this and you will never have to worry if you leave your stove on the go or have any other minor concerns.

4) Make sure your pet is looked after. Save a dog house before your trip to make sure someone you trust has room for a dog.

5) Call the airport and airline a day in advance to see how quickly they recommend you for a smooth, stress-free check-in. If they ask you to arrive three hours early and you arrive only 30 minutes early, you will feel too stressed to miss your flight. Also, ask if there are any parking restrictions. Since 9/11, when we've raised the danger level, you can be traced there before you park the car.

6) If you only carry portable luggage, many airlines allow you to pre-check-in over the Internet 24 hours before your flight. This means you can receive and print your boarding pass directly from your home. And when you arrive at the airport, you can go straight to the gate and your boarding area without the expense of a long check-in line. This option will not be available to you if you wish to check baggage. But if not, it's a good time to cut down on time and stress.

Tour Days:

7) Leave the house with insufficient time to anticipate busy traffic or accident conditions. If you walk an hour to the airport, if there's a problem on the road, you'll feel like half an hour extra.

8) If you're checking bags, be prepared to wait in line. If you have a busy day at the airport and are traveling with a popular airline, this can be a significant line. Don't worry about how long the line is. When you arrive at the airport recommendation, you will have enough time to get to the front of the line and check-in. It may sound impossible but relax and be patient when it happens.

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9) Make sure any "carry on" luggage is actually carried. Otherwise, you can stop at the gate and take your bag with your normal luggage. It will give you delay and stress. And it will delay everyone else.

10) When boarding the plane, find your seat and pack your bags quickly. And then sit down and get out of the way. A lot of people are trying to do this and we've all encountered people who have been blocking the island for a long time, arguing about something when the border guards have to wait for the annoying line. is forced to. 

You don't want to be one of those people. So do your business fast and efficiently and sit down. when the plane is in the air, you'll have a lot of time to get up.

11) If you have to change planes, this can be a real challenge, especially at large airports. If you know the gate, you should go, ask the flight attendant to get to that gate early. At some airports – such as Atlanta – the Delta connection can be a huge adventure, taking as long as 30 minutes to get from one gate to the next. If you already know how to get on your next plane, you'll be less confused when you get on the first plane. Walk (or run) to your neighbor's door more comfortably.

12) When the plane lands, wait patiently for your turn. Even if you push or just stop, you usually don't get off the plane quickly. Before people get up and let the people in the queue go neatly. Trying to hurry will only raise your blood pressure and will not be visible to your passengers.

13) If you only have portable luggage, you have successfully completed a stress-free flight.

14) But if you have portable luggage, there is one more step - waiting for luggage. Simply pick a seat around the conveyor belt and wait. Hopefully, your bag is finished and you will be pleasantly surprised when it comes out soon.

By following these simple steps, you will see that your air travel will significantly reduce your stress levels. A well-planned travel agenda ensures that there is little tension in those small stress points and that the bubble doesn't turn into a full-blown development crisis. Give it a try and you'll be surprised how much advance planning you need.

These 3 Places Are The Best To Visit In The New Year, Know The Specialty

With the onset of the winter holidays this month, December brings with it a lot of happiness.
These 3 Places  Are The Best To Visit In The New Year, Know The Specialty
These 3 Places  Are The Best To Visit In The New Year, Know The Specialty

This month is the month of Christmas i.e. from 25 December to the new year i.e. 1 January. At this time there is a festive atmosphere in the country and the world, it is different fun to roam in such an environment. 

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In most parts of the country, this month is winter or pink in color. Winter is the best time to travel. If you want to celebrate New Year as well as Christmas, there are many great places to visit in North India that you can add to your search list. 

Let us know which places in North India you can visit in two to three days.

1. Best to visit Jaipur:

Jaipur is one of the best places to visit in winter where you can spend your holidays with great joy and happiness. Here you can see City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Yantar Mantar, Lake Palace, and Mango Fort. 

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In the event that we talk about the temperature here, then, at that point, the temperature in Jaipur stays between 7 degrees to 25 degrees. You can also hang out with family at this budget-friendly place.

2. Dalhousie is a beautiful place:

If you love scenic views, then Dalhousie is a perfect place to visit. It snows in Dalhousie in winter, which makes your mind happy. The natural beauty here will make your trip worthwhile. Considering the temperature here in winter, the temperature here remains between 1 to 10 degrees.

3. A Great Location in Kausani Hills:

Kausani is a wonderful place in Growl Hills, which is a great place to visit in winter. Its specialty is that the view of the Himalayan peaks can be clearly seen from here. You will spend two-three days in this beautiful place. If you also enjoy hiking, then this place is for you.

Like Kejal Mahal, the Neer Mahal of Tripura will also win your heart.

The Khas Neer mahal of Tripura should also be visited because you can see a mixture of natural and human structures You must have hear...

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