Top 4 Must Go Weekend Destination

Are you also one of those people who have no time for anything other than office work and are busy 24/7? 
Top 4 Must Go Weekend Destination
Top 4 Must Go Weekend Destination

Because of this, the family keeps complaining to you again and again that you do not take them for a walk. 

Come, let us tell you a solution, which will save your time and the family's complaint will also go away. Plan a weekend trip with family. Yes, not far away, but by visiting selected places around your own city, you can win the heart of the family as well as save your time. 

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Those living in the city of Mumbai that never sleeps around Mumbai must know how difficult it is to find time for themselves. In such a situation, leave the regret of not being able to go anywhere and go on a tour of the nearby places with the family. 

Believe me, this is the best idea to refresh.

1. Khandala

When Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood lovingly talks about taking his reel life heroine Rani Mukerji to Khandala, the song Aati Kya Khandala… This song further increased the demand for this place. 

You to go on a trip to Khandala with your soulmate and family. Hey sir, it is just 110 km away from your city. 

How to go?

You can reach here by private taxi or your own car.

Where to go

Tigers Leap Amritanjan


Reversing Station

Bhushi Lake

Dukes Nose 

Around Jaipur

If you live in or near Jaipur, then you can plan a trip to Mount Abu with your family on the weekend. This is an excellent place.

2. Mount Abu 

The only hill station in the sand dunes, Mount Abu welcomes you 12 months of the year. This place also enthralls you with mental peace. Visit Mount Abu with family on the weekend.

How to go?

One can go to Mount Abu by taxi/bus from Jaipur. You can also go by car. You can also reach Mount Abu by train, but to enjoy the road trip, go by taxi/bus.

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where to go? Nakki Lake Toad Rock

Temple of Dilwara

If you live in or near Bhopal city, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, around Bhopal, then Pachmarhi will be the best destination for you on weekends.

3. Pachmarhi

is the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Surrounded by the hills of Satpura, there is no dearth of natural beauty in this hill station.

How to go?

You can reach Pipariya by bus from Bhopal and Chhindwara. From here you can reach your destination by taxi.

Where to go?

Apsara Vihar

Priyadarshini Point

B Falls

Irene Pool


Pandav Caves

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital city around Delhi this weekend and go on a family tour. 

4. Garh Mukteshwar

Historical Garh Mukteshwar can become a cool weekend point for you. You will get to see the best of nature here. You will find peace by coming to this quiet place away from the glare of the city. Be sure to go here to enjoy the weekend with the family. It is just 97 km away from Delhi.

How to go?

You can reach Garh Mukteshwar station by train. If you want, you can also reach there by booking your car or taxi.

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Where to go?

Ganga Mandir

Unchhagaon Fort

Patna Bird Sanctuary

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