Sundarbans Tour For Adventure Lovers

 Sundarbans Tour for Adventure Lovers
Sundarbans Tour For Adventure Lovers
 Sundarbans Tour For Adventure Lovers

There are many places of interest in Bangladesh, there are mountains and there are reservoirs, somewhere there are wonderful and wonderful places, somewhere there is charm and greenery and greenery. Everything in nature and surroundings changes with the seasons. This the biggest mangrove woods on the planet. Sundarbans is the name of such a beautiful beauty.

The Sundarbans is home to a wide variety of wildlife, a variety of flora and fauna, and a unique diversity of wildlife. The Sundarbans got their name because of the abundance of beautiful trees. The old name of Sundarbans was Badban.

There are two forest divisions in the entire Sundarbans. In which there are 4 administrative ranges. Burigolini, Chandpai, Sharankhola, Khulna. And there are 16 forest stations.

The Sundarbans was declared a protected area in 1855. The Sundarbans has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

This mangrove forest has 50 species of mammals, 320 types of transient birds, 50 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, and about 400 species of fish. In addition,  350 species of plants.

Most of the plants in this forest are of mangrove type. Sundarbans is evergreen. The main trees of this forest are Sundari and Geva. Apart from this, plants like Golpata, Keoda, Tiger Fern, Pashur, Tunsha, Jhana, etc. grow in abundance.


Those who are interested in traveling to the Sundarbans, are fond of adventure and want to see this forest up close, they will first go to the Sundarbans from Satkhira. The distance from Dhaka to Satkhira district is 343 km. Neeldumur in Shyamnagar Upazila at a distance of 60 km from Satkhira. The place of this indigo is Burigolini.

Of the 4,110 sq km of the Sundarbans, 1,700 km is a wetland. There is no road in this forest. Therefore, the river is the only hope for the journey to the Sundarbans. From here you can travel on a trawler or go deep into the deep forests of the Sundarbans.

Kalagachia Forest Camp:

Kalagachia Forest Camp in Burigolini Range. It is important to know that this Satkhira range in the Sundarbans is more popular than the Royal Bengal Tiger. Behind the forest camp in Kalagachi, there is a path through the forest. There are alternate assortments of trees. If you are lucky, you can spot deer, monkeys, different types of birds, snakes, crabs here. But this is not the case. The trees and herbs in the Sundarbans are so dense and entangled that it is almost impossible to walk through them. The entire Sundarbans is no man's land, so there is no rule for anyone to stay here without the permission of the forest department and law enforcement.

Mandarbari Beach:

The distance from Satkhira to Mandarbari is 100 km. 190 KM from Khulna. This Mandarbari has the biggest beach of Sundarbans. Where Tiger Mama does morning walk. You can see the footprints of Tiger Mama at every place in the Sundarbans. Tiger crabs can also be seen here. A pinch of this tiger crab could be your lifelong cry. You must have also seen sea crabs. From this beach, you can enjoy the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon.

Sapphire or Diamond Point:

Nilkamal is one of the most visited places in the Sundarbans. Here is the plaque that was erected in 1999 after it was declared the 698th World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Neelkamal or Hiran Point is the same place. Arrange lots of diamond points. There is a watchtower at Diamond Point which is about 70 feet high. The real adventure at Deer Point is Sean's Forest, which is within 1 km of the back forest road. And this year Tiger Mama roams in the jungle. Boat tours are available on the Nilkamal Canal. Apart from this, deer, various birds, monkeys, gossip, and crocodiles can be seen in the blue lotus.

Supati Forest Station:

The Supati forest station will cross the Gayeshwar river in the Sundarbans from Rayenda in the Sharankhola range at Bagerhat. In the Sharankhola range of Bagerhat, two forest rangers have to go to the dense forests of the Sundarbans with permission from the Supati forest station.

Sundarbans is wealthy in biodiversity. And this is the habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger. You cannot believe how clever and ferocious this wild cat with red black stripes is. And in Sundarbans there is no rule to call tiger by another name. Tiger is called Mama.

Kachikhali Sanctuary:

The main attraction of Kachikhali Sanctuary is Chitra Harin. A large number of Chitra deer roam in this forest. At one time the picture deer could be seen in many forests of Bangladesh. Due to poaching, picture deer can be seen only in the Sundarbans. The deer numbers have increased due to the enactment of the Wildlife Ordinance of 1983.

There are many songs and stories surrounding the Sundarbans. The people who protect themselves from wild animals in this forest are called wood deities, Gajikalu, Rajeshwari. Even then the tiger took the people by boat.

Numerous creatures have gotten terminated over the most recent 100 years. Among them, rhinoceros, wild buffalo, nilgai, wolf, freshwater crocodile, Maya deer are almost extinct.

The people living near the Sundarbans depend on this forest for their livelihood. Fishing is one of them. The fishermen take tickets from the forest officials and enter the forest. For this, every fishing boat will have to be registered. The fishermen sell the fish in the market by paying advance tax on the caught fish to the forest department. Fishermen survive on this fish. These fishermen start fishing from small canals and also in the sea.

Cuttack Sanctuary:

From Kachikhali Sanctuary to Badmatali Beach on the right, Katka Sanctuary Rest House. There are numerous wells here. With the consent of the woodland office, they generally cut down trees and leaves in winter. Tong spends the night building houses with trees firmly above the ground. 
They have to survive by dealing with tigers, curses, crocodiles. In April and May with the permission of beekeepers, they enter the forest in a row to collect honey in groups and then collect honey in search of bees. Chunaru and Majhira also depend on the forest for their livelihood.

Many deer can be seen in Katka Sanctuary. In addition, the tides come double a day. During high tide, a large part of the forest is submerged in two to three feet of water. Therefore only those plants that grow in this forest can survive amidst tidal salinity and submersion. Trees like Sundari, Geva, Goran, and Chir grow here. One is that a beautiful tree can be cut after 60 years. The Forest Department has made rules for cutting trees to maintain the natural balance of the forest. The location is specified and if a tree is cut at one place, it will not be allowed to be cut at that place within 20 years.

A rest house is a place where tigers can be seen drinking water and resting. Those who wish to spend the night in the forest can stay at the rest house at Katka, Kachikhali, Hiran Point with the permission of the Forest Department. Tour operators can also help you with this. Apart from this, if the rest house is vacant, you can book the spot with the watchman and stay for the night.

Jamtala Beach:

Jamtali is beside the Jamtala Canal by cutting. Here is the Tiger Fern, Hetal Forest; Where Tiger Mama rests, he hides there. Watch Tower, Sean Field, Blackberry Tree. To reach Badamtali Sea-Beach, you have to cross this vast sea plain and rows of thick blackberry trees.

Sunderbans Not only Sundarbans, many others including the Forest Department work tirelessly to protect its beauty. The research and activities of the tiger were monitored by placing a radio collar around the tiger's neck.

Dublar Char

A place in the Sundarbans is called Dublar Char. There are permanent and temporary jails. There are more than 10 thousand people in Double Four. They are all men. There is a market inside the forest. The fishermen catch the fish in the double char and dry the fish in this open field of char and sell it in the market. Dublar Char is the largest dry village in Bangladesh. Besides the doubler four, there are many more fours. For example- egg four, bird four, tear four, etc.

The people of Dublarchar worship Goddess Ganga and the blue lotus in the month of Kartik. Ras Mela is organized on the occasion of Puja.

Different types of plants are collected from this forest. The procurement of honey, oysters, fish is done according to government rules. It's anything but a criminal offense to cut,  kill, capture, collect, destroy, or otherwise violate any rules in protected forests. Always follow its laws.

Karamjal Tourist Center:

Karamjal tourist center is situated on the banks of river Pashur, 8 km from Mongla port. Many tourists come here in a day to enjoy the tour of Sundarbans. It was built on 30 hectares of land under the supervision of the Forest Department.

The tourist center will first read the map of the Sundarbans, which will give the tourists an initial idea of ​​the forest. A winding path made of wood through the forest, resting benches on the banks of the Pashur River, observation towers, sheds, the only natural breeding ground for deer and crocodiles in Bangladesh, and fishing scenes for fishermen. Rivers, nature, and biodiversity will fill your mind with peace.

Those who have seen the Sundarbans on the pages of a book or in a picture would not understand the feeling of being impossibly beautiful without seeing it with their own eyes. IIn the event that you need to know the Sundarbans, then come here and see its immense beauty.

Suitable Time:

Sundarbans is one in one season. It is generally better to visit the Sundarbans between December and March. At this time the climate remains cool.

Everything you need to travel:

Skilled guide, drinking water, dry food, cooking utensils, torchlight, cameras, binoculars, books to spend time, bedding which must be carried on the trip.

How to reach there from Dhaka:

If you want to go to Sundarbans from Mongla or Sharankhola, then, at that point you need to go to Khulna. There are bus, train, and launch arrangements from Dhaka to Khulna. Gabatali, Syedabad, Abdullahpur, Shyamali to Sohag, Hanif, Eagle transport. He regularly visits Khulna from 6 am to 11:30 am.

If you want to go to the Sundarbans from the blue figs of Burigolini, you need to go to Satkhira. Several means of transport travel regularly from Dhaka to Satkhira. Saudia Aircon, Hanif, SP Golden, Diganta, MR Enterprise transport buses are among them.

How to reach Sundarbans:

In Trawler:

At present, everyone comes to visit the Sundarbans with the help of a tour guide. But those who love adventure can hire fishing trawlers to visit the Sundarbans. Riding the Sundarbans in a trawler is tough, fun, dangerous, economical, and thrilling. A visit to the Sundarbans for a group of 10-15 people would cost between Rs 20,000 to 25,000.

To come to the Sundarbans from a trawler, the government fee has to be paid by applying in a specific form from the forest officer of Khulna, Satkhira, or Bagerhat. Then you and the trawler should be allowed to enter the Sundarbans. The route for permission has to be specified, how many, how many days to stay. When renting a trawler, take a good look at its size and engine condition.

On the ship:

Those who wish to visit the Sundarbans with their families can do so through tour packages. Now many tour companies travel to Sundarbans in packages

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