For the best shopping, Visit these markets in Amritsar

 For the best shopping on a low budget, shop at these street markets in Amritsar
For the best shopping, Visit these markets in Amritsar
For the best shopping, Visit these markets in Amritsar

Amritsar is a very holy place for the followers of Sikhism. The Golden Temple is located in this city. Golden Temple is called Golden Temple in Hindi. According to historians, Emperor Akbar met Guru Amardas and donated 500 bighas of land to his daughter, Biwi Bhani. On this land, Ramdas, the husband of Guruputri Biwi Bhani and the fourth Guru of Sikhism, established the city of Amritsar by constructing the Amritsar Reservoir. 

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At the same time, Arjun Dev, the fifth Guru, got the Harminder Sahib temple built in the middle of the reservoir. The city is additionally renowned for the Jallianwala Bagh slaughter Thousands of devotees and tourists come to the Golden Temple and pay their respects to the martyrs by visiting the Jallianwala Bagh. If you are also preparing to go to Amritsar to roam, then definitely go to these street markets of Amritsar.

The best shopping on a low budget. Come, look for it-


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Lahori Gate Bazar

Lahori Gate is famous for buying the best quality suits and shawls on a low budget. Every day a large number of tourists come to Lahori Gate for shopping.  you can visit Lahori Gate for budget-friendly shopping.

Katra Jaimal Singh Market

Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar is famous all over Punjab for bridal makeup. Katra Jaimal Singh is also known for suits and dupatta as well. If you are also going to Amritsar, then definitely visit Katra Bazar.

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Hall market

Hall Bazaar is counted among the oldest markets of Amritsar. This market is known for chappals and handicraft items. Also, Hall Bazaar is famous for street food. Whenever you go to Hall Bazaar, unquestionably attempt the road food


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Shastri Market

Shastri Market is called the heart of Amritsar. This market is counted among the busiest markets. You can do great shopping here at affordable prices. The main attraction of this market is Patiala and cotton salwar. At the same time, it is also famous for junk jewelry and footwear.

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For the best shopping on a low budget, shop at these street markets in Amritsar If you are also preparing to go to Amritsar to roam, then definitely go to these street markets of Amritsar for the best shopping on a low budget. For the best shopping, Visit these markets in Amritsar



Which market is best for shopping in Amritsar?

Amritsar, steeped in history and culture, boasts vibrant markets that cater to diverse shopping preferences. The bustling lanes of Hall Bazaar stand out as a shopper's haven, offering an array of traditional Punjabi attire, handicrafts, and religious artifacts. The colorful and lively Guru Bazaar is renowned for its Phulkari embroidery and authentic Punjabi juttis (footwear). Lawrence Road, a modern shopping district, showcases a mix of local and international brands, making it ideal for those seeking contemporary fashion. Additionally, the historic Katra Jaimal Singh Market captures the essence of Amritsar with its narrow lanes lined with shops selling spices, fabrics, and street food, providing a sensory delight for visitors.

Which is the nearest market to Golden Temple?

The bustling bazaar of Hall Bazaar stands as the nearest market to the iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar. A mere stroll away from the spiritual haven, this market is a vibrant tapestry of shops and stalls, offering an eclectic mix of traditional Punjabi wares. Visitors can immerse themselves in the lively ambiance while exploring an array of authentic Punjabi handicrafts, textiles, and religious artifacts. The proximity of Hall Bazaar to the Golden Temple makes it a convenient and enriching destination for those seeking a unique shopping experience infused with the cultural essence of Amritsar.

What to buy in Hall Bazar Amritsar?

Hall Bazaar in Amritsar beckons with a treasure trove of authentic Punjabi delights. Renowned for its diverse offerings, visitors can indulge in vibrant Phulkari embroidery, a traditional Punjabi art form, adorning textiles and apparel. The market is a haven for Punjabi juttis, intricately crafted footwear reflecting the rich heritage of the region. Religious artifacts, including ornate Sikh symbols and accessories, are abundant, appealing to those seeking spiritual keepsakes. Hall Bazaar also boasts an assortment of spices, local snacks, and traditional Punjabi sweets, allowing visitors to savor the flavors of the region. This bustling marketplace provides a cultural shopping experience, capturing the essence of Amritsar.



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