Enjoy Diwali Weekend By Visiting These Nearby Resorts

The level of pollution is at its peak around Diwali, Enjoy Diwali Weekend by visiting these nearby resorts
Enjoy Diwali Weekend By Visiting These Nearby Resorts
Enjoy Diwali Weekend By Visiting These Nearby Resorts

in such a situation many people think of celebrating the Diwali holidays by going to someplace away from pollution, while some people plan this holiday with friends or partners. So if you also want to spend your Diwali vacation somewhere else, then have a look at these resorts located nearby. 

You will not even have to drive a lot to reach where you will be and comfort and enjoyment will also be guaranteed.

1. Surjeevan Resort

This resort is located in the Mewat district near Gurugram on Delhi-Jaipur Highway NH-8.

The distance here in Delhi can be covered in just 1 hour.

The beauty here is the mud houses built to live here.

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The rooms are equipped with AC, comfortable beds and many more facilities.

There are many other activities in the resort that you can enjoy your whole day by doing.

2. Botanics Nature Resort

Damdama Lake near Gurugram Sohna is the only place to visit but Botanics Nature Resort is an even better place near here.

Come with friends or with family, the enjoyment will be plentiful.

Adventure activities abound. From children to old people, one cannot get bored by coming here.

Surrounded by the Aravalli hills, this resort will relax you along with the enjoyment.

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3. Heritage Village Resort & Spa

Another such place near Delhi is Heritage Village Resort & Spa, which is a perfect place for fun.

In this resort, most people come to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the weekend.

A swimming pool, tasty dinner, lunch, and many sports are also available here for entertainment.

It does not take much time to reach this resort located in Manesar.

4. Lohagarh Fort Resort

This resort built in the form of a fort will give you the same experience as living in a fort.

This resort is located in Jaipur, which may take you three to four hours to reach.

This place is also perfect to enjoy with family, friends, partners.

From catering to adventure activities, there are many options like making pottery, in which you do not know how your whole day goes.

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