For Darshan Of Maa Durga, Do A Religious Journey To These Places

The celebration of Navratri is being commended the nation over with extraordinary excitement, do a religious journey to these places
For Darshan Of Maa Durga, Do A Religious Journey To These Places
For Darshan Of Maa Durga, Do A Religious Journey To These Places

In Navratri, nine types of Maa Durga are revered and loved with genuine dedication and commitment. There is energy and fervor in the personalities of individuals with respect to this celebration. 

Individuals visit sanctuaries to have darshan and favors of the mother. Simultaneously, certain individuals go to different Shaktipeeth sanctuaries the nation over to see the mother and get her favors. 

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You can likewise make a strict visit to these urban areas to get the favors and darshan of the mother during Navratri- 


"Kali hai Calcutta wali, tera weight na Jaye Khali" Maa is exceptionally loved in West Bengal. All the pujas are commended with the ceremony. 

Unique love is coordinated particularly in Durga and Kali Puja. It is accepted that Maa Durga is properly venerated in each house. For this, you can do a strict visit through Kolkata to see Maiya and get her darshan. 


The city is named Mumbai after Mumba Devi. Prior Mumbai was called Bombay. Consistently countless aficionados stay with Mumba Devi Maiya. Particularly during the times of Navratri, there is a horde of fans. 

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You can attempt a strict visit through Mumbai to see Maiya and look for her gifts. In any case, due to the Covid pandemic, contributions or conveying love materials in the sanctuary are disallowed. Fans can just have the darshan of the mother. Durga Puja is coordinated in Mumba Devi by individuals of Bengali society. 


On the off chance that you are in the capital of the nation, Delhi, you can go to Chhatarpur to see the mother and get her endowments. You can likewise go to Durga Puja in Chittaranjan Park. 

Durga Puja is likewise coordinated by the Bengali society in Chittaranjan Park. Simultaneously, in Chhatarpur you can visit Maa Katyani. Likewise, you can appreciate Ramlila in Red Fort.

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